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An initiative of the Mandan Hidatsa and Arikara Nation

What is Native Green Grow?

Native Green Grow is the Mandan Hidatsa and Arikara (MHA) Nation’s sustainable greenhouse horticulture project and a passion of MHA Nation’s Chairman, Mark N. Fox.

The Tribal lands of the MHA Nation are situated on the Bakken shale formation in North Dakota. In December 2018, there was nearly 294,000 barrels of oil per day, roughly one-fifth of the state’s overall production, produced in the Bakken Oil Fields on MHA lands.

The plan, modeled after sustainable greenhouse agriculture in the Netherlands, allows the MHA Nation to produce its own food through compressed natural gas. The Tribe will use the gas to power greenhouses, which will grow food year-round.

MHA Nation will capture flared gas from the Tribe’s numerous oil wells to transform the community into an agricultural powerhouse.

A fierce proponent of tribal sovereignty, Chairman Fox’s agriculture-flaring plan exercises MHA’s right to self-determination by growing its own healthy, accessible and fresh food thereby strengthening its sustainability as a sovereign nation.

 In similar fashion, greenhouse agriculture has allowed the Netherlands to become the world’s second-largest exporter of food after the United States, despite its relatively small landmass.

The MHA Nation’s greenhouse horticulture project will create numerous jobs for tribal citizens, improve the standard of living for tribal citizens by providing access to healthy community-grown produce, diversify the tribe’s economy and renew the tribes’ centuries-old agricultural roots.

Chairman Fox also sees the move toward sustainable agriculture as a way to safeguard his nation against the future ravages of climate change.



The Native Green Grow initiative promotes indigenous food sovereignty.

Tribal Nations who are able to grow their own food are able to foster healthier communities and stronger future generations of Native people.

By aggressively returning to MHA Nation’s indigenous agricultural roots via the Native Green Grow initiative, tribal citizens are able to practice their cultural ways, keeping traditions alive and strong.

Native Green Grow serves as an important catalyst for national intertribal, and commercial, economic development and a gateway to foreign trade opportunities.

The News

MANDAN, HIDATSA & ARIKARA NATIONDelegation To The Netherlands

The Netherlands ranks 131st in the world in terms of area slightly bigger than the state of Maryland but by using high-tech greenhouses and other technology-enabled farming practices the Dutch are changing agriculture around the world.

Watch the video below to learn more about the MHA Nation’s delegation to the Netherlands and how the Dutch helped inspire and inform the Native Green Grow initiative.


The Native Green Grow initiative encompasses four distinct program areas which serve as the key pillars of the project.

Greenhouse Horticulture

As with many Tribal nations, the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara people are farmers by origin. Today we’re embracing technology to convert wasted gas from our energy projects into heat and electricity to grow fruits and vegetables that are produced in self-contained, climate-controlled greenhouses.


Healthy Communities

By growing its own food, MHA Nation is able to increase the standard of living for its people. The Native Green Grow initiative promotes proper nutrition and rekindles engagement with cultural traditions that positively affect the MHA community and strengthen future generations of its people.


Greenhouses operations utilize cutting edge technology and sophisticated farming techniques. Vital to the success of Native Green Grow is the development and education of MHA’s citizens to ensure project longevity so future generations are able to grow their own healthy, accessible and fresh food.

Economic Development

The Native Green Grow initiative provides MHA Nation the path to food sovereignty by allowing it the ability to feed its own people. In keeping with centuries of trading activities, the MHA Nation also plans to market the yield from its greenhouse operations to buyers located across North America and overseas.

Partner With Us

Native Green Grow Is Actively Seeking Strategic Partners

The MHA Nation realizes the value of mutually beneficial partnerships. The Native Green Grow initiative presents several strategic partnership opportunities which span a range of interests including: education, capital investment, greenhouse management and operations to distribution and logistics and retail sales. Interested? Contact us!

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